About Raven's Work

Previously, Raven served Senator Sheldon Whitehouse as a legislative correspondent for climate and energy. They earned their Masters of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. They are interested in the challenges and power of coalition-building in the climate movement ecosystem, and are dedicated to using their career to advance climate legislation. Raven volunteers with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby to build support for a federal carbon fee-and-dividend and they serve on the Board of Directors of Our Climate to empower young people to win equitable state climate policies.

Raven received a B.A. in biology and chemistry from Swarthmore College. As an undergraduate, they organized for fossil fuel divestment, mobilized for the People’s Climate March, and researched for the Years of Living Dangerously series on the impacts of climate change. After graduating, they stayed at Swarthmore as staff in the Office of Sustainability, where they worked to build the internal carbon pricing program, chart the school’s path to carbon neutrality, and engage the campus community in climate solutions.

Raven grew up in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania.