About Rebecca's Work

Rebecca Lave is an Associate Professor in Geography at Indiana University. Her research takes a critical physical geography approach, combining political economy, science and technology studies, and fluvial geomorphology to focus on the construction of scientific expertise, the privatization of science, and market-based environmental management, specifically ecosystem service markets in the US and EU. She has published in journals ranging from Science to Social Studies of Science, and is co-editor (with Julie Guthman and Jake Kosek) of a new book series, Critical Environments: Nature, Science, and Politics, with University of California Press. Her book – Fields and Streams: Stream Restoration, Neoliberalism, and the Future of Environmental Science (U. Georgia Press 2012) – uses the case study of stream restoration to explore how neoliberal science policies’ emphasis on the privatization and commercialization of knowledge catalyzes increased legitimacy and visibility for knowledge producers outside the academy. She teaches environmental physical and social science and has won numerous teaching awards, including the Indiana University Campus Catalyst Award for Excellence in Teaching for courses that advance and promote sustainability.