About Zeltzin's Work

Zeltzin is currently pursuing her MA in Urban and Regional Planning at UCLA, where she continues to focus on issues of environmental justice, climate change adaptation, and equitable access to greenspace. Growing up, her work with a local grassroots environmental non-profit cemented the importance of community engagement and since then, her work is centered on projects that address environmental equity through a multi-disciplinary approach. She hopes to continue to create resilient, healthy cities by finding the connecting points between the built and natural environment through a lens of design, geospatial analysis, and participatory planning.  

She holds a BA in Geography, a BS in Environmental Policy, and a minor in City Planning from UC Berkeley. Her journey has allowed her to learn from and work on different projects such as soil remediation, park design, outdoor education, law, and communications. In her free time Zeltzin enjoys trying out new recipes, watching films, and biking around the city.