Fellow Story

Johnson launches new consulting firm for ocean problems

Fellow(s): Ayana Johnson

Editor's note: The following is from Fellow Ayana Johnson's announcement of her new consulting firm.

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Ocean Collectiv, a new consulting firm. Our diverse braintrust of experts includes scientists, political strategists, and designers. We have come together to tackle complex ocean problems for clients from corporations, to governments, to philanthropies, to non-profits.

  • Solutions for a healthy ocean. Ocean Collectiv creates and amplifies solutions for a healthy ocean. Our collaborative of experts supports clients in advancing ocean sustainability, grounded in social justice. We provide fresh ideas on policy, science, and commerce.
  • Focusing on people. Climate change, overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction disproportionately impact poor and minority coastal people. A healthy ocean supports food security, economies, and cultures. We design conservation that works for communities.
  • Creative, intersectional, and practical. For each project, we tailor the ideal interdisciplinary team from our diverse roster of experts. Collectively, our work builds public, corporate, and political will for using the ocean without using it up. We move ocean conservation into the mainstream.

Or as Outside Magazine described us, "an assembly of marine superstars, including surf champ Easkey Britton, oceanographer Katy Croff Bell, and filmmaker Martha Jeffries, who will offer their expertise to institutions and brands. That could mean anything from writing a business proposal for a new nonprofit to producing a killer video on coral reef conservation. Think of it as a superhero league for the ocean."

Hyperbole aside, find more about who we are and what we do at www.oceancollectiv.co, and across social media as @oceancollectiv. To explore how we can collaborate and support your work, contact us atinfo@oceancollectiv.co.

We're open for business!
With realistic optimism for our ocean,
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Ph.D. (founder)
     & the founding members of Ocean Collectiv