Coastal & Marine Conservation

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Building a Knowledge Action Network in the Indigenous communities of the South Pacific

Linwood Pendleton writes about his recent visit to South Pacific Indigenous members of the Ocean Knowledge Action Network in order to build trust and better understand the knowledge held by these communities, their needs and opportunities for more and better peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.
January 18, 2024
Fellow Story

Harp Falk takes a people-focused approach to protecting the Chesapeake Bay

"I am really energized by the opportunity to bring people together to re-envision the future of the Bay movement with forward-facing goals—getting clean water closer to people, confronting challenges like the climate crisis."
January 18, 2024
Leadership Grant Grant

Realizing a Resilient Edgmere: an Intersection of Housing, Equity and Environment

As Interim Manager, Doug will lead the ReAL Edgemere Community Land Trust through the process of designing flood-resilient coastal infrastructure and accessible open space to benefit the community and environment of Edgemere.
December 11, 2023
Fellow Story

Harp Falk: the Chesapeake Bay needs both heart and science to thrive

“To succeed in the next chapter of bay-saving, we’re going to have to widen conservation’s historically narrow lens… this isn’t just about one state, one agency, or one organization; this is an “all of the above” situation. We need to use the science and the data. But we also need to use our heart — our passion, our energy, our compassion and our courage.”
November 27, 2023
Fellow Story

Cohen connects coral decline to ballast discharge

Andrew Cohen’s letter to the editor in the Washington Post points out that ballast discharge is an important factor in coral reef disease and decline. He writes: “In recent years, coral reefs in Florida and elsewhere in the Caribbean have...
September 27, 2023
Fellow Story

Goodrich SDSU spotlight: where wetlands protection and social justice intersect

“My work is about environmental protection, but at the same time we have to think about the human dimension,” Goodrich explains. “At the research reserve, we like to advance co-benefits: how can we protect places, but at the same time protect people? How can we be in more of a reciprocal relationship?”
July 26, 2023

Nia Bartolucci

2023 Fellow
Nia studies how climate change and other anthropogenic impacts are affecting the biogeochemistry and ecosystem function of coastal wetlands.

Rafeed Hussain

2023 Fellow
Rafeed's research focuses on offshore wind development perceptions and impacts on coastal communities. Although Rafeed has a brain trained in natural and social sciences, his heart lies in photography and science communication.
Fellow Story

Kaiȧulu: Gathering Tides with Mehana Blaich Vaughan

he InCommon Podcast interviewed Mehana, exploring how she came to write her book Kaiȧulu: Gathering Tides, and the themes and stories the book illuminates.
May 16, 2023
Foundation News

Transformative Climate Adaptation with Linda Shi

How can we plan for urban climate adaptation in ways that improve sustainability and social justice? Switzer Fellow Linda Shi studies the land governance institutions that make cities and disadvantaged groups vulnerable to climate impacts...
March 20, 2023