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Shi speaks to America Adapts podcast on climate refugees, adaptation, NOAA & more

Editor’s note: content originally published on America Adapts

In episode 191 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons hosts Dr. Linda Shi, an Assistant Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University. Dr. Shi takes us on an insightful journey through her experience at a managed retreat conference in New York City. She navigates conversations encompassing climate migration, the intriguing concept of the Northeast as a climate haven, and pioneering initiatives in cooperative housing. Highlighting the NOAA "NEST" program – Northeast Safe and Thriving for All – Dr. Shi explores how regions can emerge as climate refuges amid population migrations due to climate impacts. The conversation also delves into the intricate terrain of property rights and their misalignment with climate adaptation needs, revealing the inadequacy of many existing land use models. Lastly, a short interview with Amy Chester, Managing Director of Rebuild by Design, spotlighting their "Atlas of Disaster" report. This report provides a state-specific lens on federal disaster declarations and funding, serving as a compelling resource that weaves together the diverse threads of climate adaptation and disaster response.

Topics Covered:

  • Managed Retreat Conference in New York City: Climate Migration, Northeast as Climate Haven, Cooperative Housing
  • Private Sector Involvement: Climate Alpha and Equity Considerations
  • Buyout Programs for Disaster Mitigation: Federal vs. State
  • NOAA Nest Program: Climate Migration, Northeast as Climate Haven, Funding Prospects
  • Land and Property Philosophies in Climate Adaptation
  • What property rights model lends itself best to climate adaptation?
  • Atlas of Disaster from Rebuild by Design

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