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Sparti selected for California's Truth and Healing Council Education Subcommittee

Chelsi Sparti has been selected to join the Education Subcommittee of the California Truth & Healing Council. The Council “bears witness to, records, examines existing documentation of, and receives California Native American narratives regarding the historical relationship between the State of California and California Native Americans in order to clarify the historical record of such relationship in the spirit of truth and healing.” 

The Council has created several subcommittees in order to apply a specific focus or lens to each issue area under examination of the Council. The Education Subcommittee is tasked with “examining the status of education in California Indian Country and changes needed to dominant education systems and curricula to better serve Native peoples.” 

As a Wintu person, sharing our people's history and relationship with the land is core to my identity. Cala besken (thank you) to my relatives and the Council for inviting me to contribute.

Chelsi Sparti

“I look forward to working with committee members and Secretary Christina Snider-Ashtari to increase Native access to higher education, Indigenous inclusion in curriculum, and sharing what my Tribe has learned through our Wintu Qol language revitalization in community and at the University of California, Berkeley,” Chelsi shared on LinkedIn.