Fellow Story

Urban Biodiversity and Equity book features Switzer Fellow contributors

Switzer Fellows J. Morgan GroveNicole HellerSarah Reed and Christine Wilkinson contributed to the new book, Urban Biodiversity and Equity: Justice-Centered Conservation in Cities. It is the first text to advance justice-centered biodiversity conservation in cities, demonstrating the necessity of, and tools for, simultaneously addressing social inequities and biodiversity conservation. The book explicitly connects social inequality - particularly racial inequality - as a pivotal tie to urban conservation. Drawing on interdisciplinary insights from urban ecologists, conservation biologists, social scientists, and practitioners, it presents a roadmap for understanding and addressing conservation issues in cities. It also stresses the equal significance of people and nature in urban landscapes, and how a deeper understanding of our ecological relationships - with nature and each other - are the key to building a more biodiverse and just future. 

Learn more on the Oxford University Press website, and in this UC Berkeley interview with editors Max Lambert and Christopher J. Schell.