Delivering Grassroots Conservation Initiatives Internationally, Year 2

Year Two: International Program Director

Grant Type: 

  • Leadership Program


Award Date: 

January 2013




Vergennes, VT

Global Diversity Fund, Inc. (GDF), received a $30,000 second-year grant to continue funding for Susannah McCandless's position as International Program Director.  GDF is an international community-based conservation organization focusing on biocultural diversity with programs developed and delivered in partnership with local organizations and community members.  Susannah is based in Vermont but manages GDF's programs in Mexico, Morocco, and Southeast Asia, managing all operations including fundraising, logistics, budgeting, and project support for GDF's regional coordinators.  Susannah will continue to plan and manage GDF's international summer academy in Germany for graduate students studying ethno-biodiversity issues, and for the coming year, she will also plan and implement GDF's first North America Regional Program, partnering with the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program out of UC Berkeley to provide convening and a support network for environmental professionals who are members of Native North American tribes.  After this second year in her position as International Program Manager, Susannah will take over as Executive Director of GDF's U.S. operations.

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