How Filmmakers and Conservationists Connect People, Nature and Climate

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  • Network Innovation


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February 2012




Oakland, CA

Switzer Fellows Kristy Deiner and Matt Hamilton developed a workshop for the 2012 Society for Conservation Biology annual meeting of the North America section, held in Oakland, CA.  The workshop focused on educating conservation practitioners on ways to effectively communicate science and conservation issues through film.  The workshop was followed by a networking event with conservationists, film makers, producers, educators and production companies.  Switzer Fellows participating in the workshop are also involved with producing a how-to manual for effectively communicating conservation and environmental messages which will soon be made available for practitioners on the Filmmakers for Conservation website.   Read more about the workshop, with links to associated materials on conservation filmmaking.

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Spotlight on Leadership

Camera trap bear
Technology is often accused of separating us from nature. Tavis Forrester’s eMammal project puts high-tech “camera traps” into the hands of volunteer citizen scientists, allowing them to connect with animals and behaviors usually hidden from view. The result is a blending of technology and nature that Forrester says is “magical in its ability to fire up kids and adults alike" with the excitement of scientific discovery.Read more >

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