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When people look back at Donald Trump's first year as president, they're likely to be perplexed by his actions on climate change . They will see an administration that put climate deniers in senior government positions during a year of record-breaking natural disasters, did everything it could to...Read more >
A team from Data-Driven Yale, an F&ES-based project working at the intersection of data science and policy, was awarded the UN Data for Climate Action Challenge ’s inaugural prize for linking climate change to sustainable development goals. The contest, hosted by UN Global Pulse and sponsored...Read more >
Sarah Myhre, Ph.D., studies the way ancient oceans coped with changing climates. But in the past year, the paleoceanographer became a sign-carrying marcher, an unusual move in the typically buttoned-up science world. She has marched for social justice and for science nationally as a leader in the...Read more >
A new report from the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), a top government watchdog, says the yearly cost of climate change to the federal government is tens of billions of dollars and rising rapidly — yet US President Donald Trump still refuses to acknowledge basic science. The growing...Read more >
As farmers battle in their above-ground war on weeds, they may inadvertently create underground casualties – unintentionally attacking the beneficial bacteria that help crops guard against enemy fungus, according to Cornell University research. Specifically, Cornell researchers found negative...Read more >
Two EESA staff are set to receive a prestigious Director’s Award from Berkeley Lab’s Directorate at a ceremony on November 30. ... Margaret Torn , the senior scientific advisor in EESA’s Climate and Ecological Sciences Division, will also receive a Director’s Award – in recognition of her...Read more >
Just hours after President Trump’s Rose Garden speech in June announcing plans to withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate agreement, the governors of three states — California, Washington, and New York — announced their remedy. They formed the U.S. Climate Alliance , and called on other states to join...Read more >
For years, timber barons in Peru have sent lumber to the US by the shipload. But many of the groves they harvested were pure fiction. In 2009, with the Lacey Act amendment in place, Environmental Investigation Agency chief Alexander von Bismarck began trying “to figure out how to make a case with...Read more >
On the eve of international climate talks taking place in Bonn, Germany, a new study led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego evaluates the extent to which parties to the historic Paris Agreement on climate have considered the oceans in their plans to...Read more >
Abstract As extinctions continue across the globe, conservation biologists are turning to species reintroduction programs as one optimistic tool for addressing the biodiversity crisis. For repatriation to become a viable strategy, fundamental prerequisites include determining the causes of declines...Read more >

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Developing a More Resilient Urban Water Supply
Despite rising temperatures, Californians this summer cut their water use significantly in an effort to help the state deal with a severe, ongoing drought. The reduction for two straight months — by more than 31 percent in July alone –caught many officials by surprise, but not Mike Antos, director of California State University, Northridge’s new Center for Urban Water Resilience.Read more >

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