Fellows in the News

Apr 22, 2020
The Polaris Project tackles one of humanity’s greatest challenges – global climate change – in one of Earth’s most remote and vulnerable environments: the Arctic. Fellow Nigel Golden is a faculty member working online with students during the coronavirus this year. Learn moreRead more >
Apr 21, 2020
Architecture and Town Planning Prof. Daniel Orenstein’s Socio-Ecological System’s Research group at Technion in Israel is not only studying the ways we can deal with the tremendous environmental changes the world is facing. They were out in the field, advising Israel’s Tabor Winery how to grow...Read more >
Apr 21, 2020
When big convulsive economic events happen, the implications tend to take years to play out, and spiral in unpredictable directions. ... “I think companies are actively talking about resilience,” said Susan Lund, a partner at McKinsey who studies global interconnectedness. “To what extent would...Read more >
Mar 12, 2020
For more than three years, the Trump administration has prided itself on working with industry to unshackle companies from burdensome environmental regulations. But as the Environmental Protection Agency prepares to finalize the latest in a long line of rollbacks, the nation’s power sector has sent...Read more >
Mar 12, 2020
In the face of potential climate catastrophe, some have questioned whether it’s moral to become a parent — is such a burden fair to the broken planet, or to the child who would inherit it? But Sarah Myhre, a climate scientist in Seattle and the mother of a 6-year-old son, rejects this line of...Read more >
Mar 12, 2020
Tamara Marcus has received an American Scandinavian Foundation fellowship to return to Abisko, Sweden for nine months to continue her research on lake sediments and Sami data access issues.Read more >
Mar 12, 2020
From a press release from sistema.bio , the company started by Fellow Alex Eaton: The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation today unveiled Sistema.bio was one of the highest-scoring proposals, designated as the Top 100, in its 100&Change competition for a single $100 million grant to...Read more >
Feb 16, 2020
Fellow Candice Youngblood published a Note in UC Berkeley's Ecology Law Quarterly journal that seeks to paint a picture of what working toward environmental justice should look like.Read more >
Feb 9, 2020
In cities around the country, if you want to understand the history of a neighborhood, you might want to do the same thing you'd do to measure human health: Check its temperature. That's what a group of researchers did, and they found that neighborhoods with higher temperatures were often the same...Read more >
Feb 3, 2020
Supporters and opponents of the Strauss Wind Energy Project agree on one point: San Miguelito Canyon is unique. .... Golden eagles aren’t the only protected species found in San Miguelito Canyon. It’s also a significant location for the endangered Gaviota tarplant. The yellow petals on this...Read more >

Spotlight on Leadership

Photo: Kaitlin Kolarik/for WABE
Plenty of Atlantans spend time on highways, speeding or inching or swerving along. But many people spend a lot of time near the highways, too: at their homes, schools or workplaces. And that’s not great for their health. So Fellow Christina Fuller, a Georgia State University public health professor, is studying how effectively trees can help filter out some of that pollution.Read more >

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