Fellows in the News

Natalya Gallo, 29, PhD candidate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Gallo made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Science category for her research on how climate change is impacting marine communities and the health of fish and fisheries. As a graduate student in the lab of Scripps marine...Read more >
Vermont has a problem. The state is $1.2 billion short of the funding it will need to meet federal targets for reducing pollution in state waterways. To solve that problem, Gov. Phil Scott suggested a creative solution last week in his budget address: Turning the pollutant into a commodity and...Read more >
In its first year, the Trump Administration undertook a program of extensive climate change deregulation. The Administration delayed and initiated the reversal of rules that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from stationary and mobile sources; sought to expedite fossil fuel development,...Read more >
At last September's Maine Live Amanda Beal of Maine Farmland Trust discussed the importance of food policy and begged the question "is there really a food movement underway?" See the original videoRead more >
Denby Fawcett’s severe call to action, Give Us Back Our Parks , generated several well-reasoned responses. We share with Fawcett a sense of urgency — the reality of pervasive homelessness needs effective action. What we wish to add to previous critiques of Fawcett’s essay is context. Understanding...Read more >
Amid a cascade of political problems this fall, there could be a happy moment for Donald Trump. A trade case that will soon land on the president’s desk could give him an opportunity to boost American manufacturing and slam an Obama administration policy at the same time — while potentially winning...Read more >
Costs for solar manufacturers are climbing, and it could affect the broader industry. One of the main components of solar panels, polysilicon, is seeing its prices jump dramatically. Prices are up 35 percent over four months, affecting manufacturing leader China and the profits of its companies...Read more >
An effort to improve access to parks in Harris County Precinct 1 will begin by asking residents what kind of green spaces they want and need. "This project is going to yield many benefits for our residents, particularly our most vulnerable and under-served populations," said Precinct 1 Commissioner...Read more >
In 2013, scientists discovered a new way to precisely edit genes — technology called Crispr that raised all sorts of enticing possibilities. Scientists wondered if it might be used to fix hereditary diseases, for example, or to develop new crops. One of the more intriguing ideas came from Kevin M...Read more >
As coastal Floridians face rising seas, they may repeat the past — 2,000 years past. The current forecasts are for the Atlantic and Gulf to wash over Florida’s shores more rapidly, and with far more people enjoying ocean views from their homes, than during earlier periods of sea level rise. Still,...Read more >

Spotlight on Leadership

Developing a More Resilient Urban Water Supply
Despite rising temperatures, Californians this summer cut their water use significantly in an effort to help the state deal with a severe, ongoing drought. The reduction for two straight months — by more than 31 percent in July alone –caught many officials by surprise, but not Mike Antos, director of California State University, Northridge’s new Center for Urban Water Resilience.Read more >

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