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Carolina Prado is a recipient of the Environmental Fellows Program administered by the University of Michigan. The Fellowship aims to support environmental leaders and increase racial diversity in the nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in the US through training and summer internship...Read more >
Last month, I argued that the length of time customers spend interacting with their utility company is not -- on its own -- a sufficient measure of “customer engagement.” Customers care more about getting things done than they do about minutes of mindshare. If utilities can help their customers...Read more >
The sun is strong, the sky Hollywood-set blue, but the wind is brutal. This is confounding the work of Wade Elmer, chief scientist for the Department of Plant Pathology and Ecology at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. At the CAES farm in Hamden, he and a small contingent of grad...Read more >
With tens of thousands of people displaced and many billions of dollars in estimated damages from the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, an environmental group on Tuesday filed a formal request on Tuesday to discover why the Trump administration recently decided to lift flood zone restrictions designed...Read more >
The US Department of Energy (DOE) is asking scientists to reword their grant proposals so as to avoid mentions of “climate change” or “global warming,” Fellow Jennifer Bowen says.Read more >
As the United States reverses its climate policies, the world's top greenhouse gas emitter is in the midst of setting up a national carbon-trading system. Chinese officials are preparing to launch an emissions market later this year that will cover roughly a quarter of the country's industrial CO 2...Read more >
Furthering the State’s continued efforts to address the effects of climate change, California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird today announced the appointment of 14 leaders in state climate science and infrastructure design to the Climate-Safe Infrastructure Working Group. ... Through its...Read more >
“There will be more butts on bikes — and that’s a good thing.” That’s probably the most memorable line from the speaker’s podium during last week’s Ford GoBike launch in downtown Oakland, marking the first-ever arrival of bike sharing in the East Bay. But some supporters of the system say they’re...Read more >
Global warming is going to steal away some of those postcard-perfect weather days in the future, according to a first-of-its-kind projection of nice weather. On average, Earth will have 10 fewer days of mild and mostly dry weather by the end of the century, the researchers estimate. Some places...Read more >
The Organic Center was part of a group of agricultural experts, researchers and academics that participated in the United Nation’s Forum on Sustainable Agriculture Development. Jessica Shade, director of science programs for the center, focused on sustainability solutions at the July 6 event in New...Read more >

Spotlight on Leadership

Jeff Dlott
In this report, we explore the relationship between the business of agriculture and the business of environmental sustainability. Switzer Fellow Jeff Dlott's company, Sure Harvest, provides a...Read more >

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