Event Recap

Breakthrough Collaboration on Environmental Problems: Lessons from the field on engaging communities, building consensus and managing conflict on environmental issues

On March 19, 2021, practitioners in the field of environmental conflict resolution & stakeholder engagement at the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), including Switzer Fellow Ekow Edzie, hosted a webinar for Switzer Network Fellows to share best practices and lessons learned about breakthrough collaboration for environmental problem solving.   CBI practitioners - Gina Bartlett, Bennett Brooks, Ekow Edzie, Stephanie Horii, and Kristin Marcell - discussed the key components of effective stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution, drawing on examples from CBI’s work on sustainable groundwater management, forestry collaboratives, marine resources management, renewable energy development and “climigration” (climate-related migration). Fellows then brought forth their own challenges around environmental collaboration to hear how the expert practitioners would approach the dilemma.   Watch a recording of the session using this link!