Event Recap

Getting to the Heart of Science Communication

From fires to floods and vaccines to food security, many issues that scientists and science communicators work on are highly emotional, often contentious and sometimes traumatizing, with high stakes for practitioners -- who are often in precarious positions -- and communities alike. Relating, listening, working with conflict and understanding trauma, all with an eye toward justice, are key tools in the 21st century science communication toolkit.

Faith Kearns’ new book Getting to the Heart of Science Communication offers real-world stories and guidance to take science communication to a deeper level in these high-stakes times. Switzer Fellows Sarah Myhre, Mike Antos, Evelyn Valdez-Ward and Tamara Marcus are featured science communicators in the book.

In October 2021, the Switzer Network held a conversation with Faith, Sarah, Mike and Evelyn to learn from these leaders and discover how relationship-centered research communication can impact our work. Participants received a copy of Getting to the Heart of Science Communication and had the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the panelists.

View the event recording here.