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Callahan’s center evaluates Transformative Climate Communities Program

California’s Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCC) funds the development and implementation of neighborhood-level transformative plans that include multiple projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to fighting climate change, the program empowers disadvantaged communities impacted by poverty and pollution to support projects to achieve their local economic, environmental and health goals.

The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation (LCI), led by Colleen Callahan, is tracking progress and outcomes from the TCC in five sites (Fresno, Ontario, Northeast San Fernando Valley, Stockton and Watts). Their recent evaluation report was featured in the LAist, with an interview by Colleen highlighting the program’s unique funding approach. 

“It becomes a one-stop shop for communities that want to pursue a wide range of climate action projects that achieves a combination of environmental, economic, and social benefits,” Colleen told LAist

“Instead of the government telling communities what they need and asking communities to apply for government grants, they're saying, OK, we're going put one grant and it's going to allow the communities to prioritize the projects that they want,” Callahan said. “There's definitely a demand for this type of program, one that allows communities to pursue their priorities to advance their vision for change.”

Read more in the LAist story and on LCI’s evaluation resources page