Fellow Story

Matsuoka co-edits Ground Truths: Community-Engaged Research for Environmental Justice book

Martha Matsuoka’s new book shows how community-engaged research contributes to environmental justice for Black, Indigenous, people of color, and low-income communities by centering local knowledge, building truth from the ground up, producing data that can influence decisions, and transforming researchers’ relationships to communities for equity and mutual benefit.

The book outlines the main steps in conducting community-engaged research, evaluates the major research methods used, and addresses institutional barriers to this kind of scholarship in academia. A critical synthesis of research in many fields, Ground Truths provides an original framework for aligning community-engaged research and environmental justice, and applies the framework in chapters on public health, urban planning, conservation, law and policy, community economic development, and food justice and sovereignty.

The book is available open-access (for free) from the University of of California Press - Luminos. The co-authors are excited to get the book into the field and into the hands of researchers. They are presenting a webinar series to discuss how community-engaged research can contribute to environmental justice, and to EJ in public health, law and policy, food justice, community economic development, and urban planning. Details and registration for the webinars are here

Learn more and download the book here