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Pizarro departs Junta for Progressive Action, starts For La Diáspora studio

Bruni Pizarro has been serving as Executive Director of Junta for Progressive Action, “the oldest Latine community-based social services organization in the New Haven area” for the past three years. She shared gratitude and reflection on her service at Junta in a March 2023 video announcing her departure from the organization and the launch of her new design studio: For La Diáspora.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to grow my skills here, but after much thought, I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on,” she said. “It was an honor to learn and grow as executive director of Junta, an historic and vital Latine organization. I’m grateful for the experiences we shared as colleagues and team members to innovate, co-strategize solutions to adapt to a radically evolving landscape.” 

In reflecting on the impact of the organization during her tenure, she shared how “despite the challenges of the pandemic, we’ve had to adapt quickly to societal crisis and reinvent Junta in ways we never imagined.” 

Highlights from the video include: 

  • Served as trusted messengers to help reduce vaccination hesitancy
  • Supported households during the housing eviction crisis
  • Expanded crisis services to meet unique needs of families
  • Moved operations to tele-social services and a hybrid model to expand access
  • Offered rent and utility support as well as direct cash cards to households in need 
  • Hosted virtual town halls, in-person community events, and diaper deliveries 
  • Expanded facilities and programming with an additional property

Learn more in Junta’s 2020-2022 Impact Report

So what’s next for Bruni? 

“One of the most valuable lessons I learned at Junta was that Latinos are the largest demographic in New Haven and the fastest growing demographic in the U.S.” she said. And yet, “a tremendous bilingual and bicultural communication gap continues to persist and limits access to critical services and education.” 

“In order to address this gap and scale my impact to best serve these communities, I’ve decided to join forces with my husband Daniel Pizarro … to launch For La Diáspora: a design studio that connects mission driven brands to the Latine community to design bold ideas.” For La Diáspora works with nonprofits, government agencies and mission-driven businesses seeking to grow their outreach and impact and donor engagement.

Bruni closed her announcement by sharing: “Once again I’m truly grateful to Junta’s staff, funders and supporters who have believed in my leadership as a Latina and have offered guidance and love during my tenure in such an historic and unprecedented era. I look forward to continuing to build with you in my next chapter.”