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In her last Cabinet nomination, Gov. Janet Mills announced Friday (January 18 ,2019) afternoon that she has chosen the president of Maine Farmland Trust to head the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. Amanda Beal, 46, is the Democratic governor’s pick to lead the department...Read more >
Fellow Ayana Johnson was featured in a "Strong Opinions Loosely Held" video on how ocean conservation is a social justice issue. Watch the video on FacebookRead more >
Fellow Ayana Johnson has started writing regularly on ocean conservation and other topics related to her work for Scientific American's online column Observations. Recent posts include: 9 Ocean Conservation Groups You Don't Know about... but Should The Top 10 Oceran Conservation Victories of 2018...Read more >
In response to the growing problem of drinking water contaminated with per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a new analysis shows that many states are establishing their own guideline levels for two types of PFAS—PFOA and PFOS—that differ from federal guidelines. The new study appears in the...Read more >
Fellow Lisa Bunin wrote a report for the GRACE Communications Foundation on conventional and organic crop production practices called The FoodPrint of Crop Production (link will download report, 4.2 MB). It also highlights the environmental and health impacts of conventional agriculture and the...Read more >
To fend off lawsuits over its plans to build a new city in the rugged countryside northwest of Los Angeles, Tejon Ranch Co. made a landmark concession to environmentalists. It promised a decade ago to preserve 90% of its land — 240,000 acres — as an untouched ecological conservancy for public...Read more >
A pokey, pudgy three-person submarine will soon go on display in San Diego, and people who peer through its hatch are likely to ask: “Do scientists really explore the ocean in that ?” The observatory on the deep submergence vehicle Alvin is barely six-feet wide. The portholes are about the size of...Read more >
Scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) have discovered that two species of fish are capable of living in ocean waters almost completely devoid of oxygen. Marine biologist Natalya Gallo ,...Read more >
Fellow Martha Matsuoka co-authored the chapter "Working Together to Clean Up Freight Transportation" in the new report from the Poverty & Race Research Action Council, Strategies for Health Justice: Lessons from the Field . Southern California, the “international gateway” for trade, contains...Read more >
Fellow Kimberley Miner has published a new article in Nature . A screening-level approach to quantifying risk from glacial release of organochlorine pollutants in the Alaskan Arctic Abstract Widespread distribution of atmospherically mobilized organochlorine pollutants (OCPs) has been documented...Read more >

Spotlight on Leadership

Dr. Mark Schlautman
1988 Switzer Fellow Dr. Mark Schlautman is a professor at Clemson University in the Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences. A project in which Mark played a key role over a number...Read more >

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