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Mar 16, 2015
Emerging from my three-month sabbatical, I feel as though I am just awakening from a dream. It is often in those first hazy moments when we wake up that we remember our dreams, albeit vaguely. The metaphor holds as I reflect on my immediate impressions of what was largely an inward-focused time...Read more >
Dec 8, 2014
The Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation joined 66 other foundations supporting the principles behind the EPA proposed rule to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants.Read more >
Nov 5, 2014
Each of us, in our daily lives, finds that sometimes a break from intense focus will offer the renewal we need to continue our good work, whether it is in our workplace or for an afternoon of hauling firewood (as in my case!). In the professional realm, it is not often we have a chance to truly...Read more >
Sep 3, 2014
At the Switzer Foundation, we believe that climate change is the defining environmental issue of our time. The future of communities and ecosystems across the globe depends on how we respond to this moment. Whether our concerns are biodiversity, adaptation in drought-impacted agricultural systems,...Read more >
Mar 11, 2014
As pressure is mounting for short term action on the long term implications of a changing climate, we're interested in Fellows' thoughts on this question: How can Switzer Fellows align their individual efforts on climate change and energy issues to support a low carbon future?...Read more >
Feb 3, 2014
Recently, amidst the flutter of grassroots and policy activism to prevent the proliferation of genetically engineered foods in our food supply, a few friends and family members queried me on Facebook about the pros and cons of GE and GMOs. Their perception is that this widespread technology seems...Read more >
Dec 4, 2013
The Switzer Foundation has been identifying environmental leaders for over 25 years and fostering shared learning on leadership topics as well as pressing environmental issues. Beginning with the Switzer Fellowship class of 2014, we will be bringing new leadership practices and trainers into our...Read more >
Nov 4, 2013
In October of this year I was fortunate to attend Bioneers in San Raphael, CA. While we know that Bioneers is a mecca for progressive leaders in sustainability, the sciences and design, I found the integration of practical solutions, the arts and a spiritual dimension to our connection with the...Read more >
Feb 6, 2013
A colleague of mine is designing a leadership training program for women leaders in the non profit sector. What advice would you give her when designing such a program? What leadership challenges do women in non-profits face? What aspects of leadership are different in the nonprofit sector from...Read more >
Jan 7, 2013
I recently posted a summary of the results and trends from our Annual survey of Fellows . This survey and the Foundation’s interest in updating our goals and strategies to meet our 20 year Vision have inspired us to use the ongoing feedback to inform our work in new ways. Among the findings...Read more >


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