Energy & Climate Change
Photo: Karolina Kabat / Flickr

Energy & Climate Change

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time, and Switzer Fellows are working on the problem from every conceivable angle. From energy experts who are researching solar, geothermal, and fracking technologies, to others analyzing the impact of solar installations on the environment to policy analysts advising state and the federal agencies move in a more sustainable direction, Switzer Fellows are some of the nation’s leaders on climate change and renewable energy.

Spotlight on Leadership

Henry Herndon: Bringing sustainable energy to New Hampshire towns

“Ten years ago there were three solar companies in New Hampshire; today there are 90, and the next decade will be even more dramatic,” says Fellow Henry Herndon, casting his eyes in the direction of a new solar array on a local church in Durham. “I feel like I can have an impact in New Hampshire — and I already have had an impact in New Hampshire.”Read more >

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